Capture Kentucky Announces Partnership With Proud Mary BBQ In Lexington To Create The Cinder & Smoke Fest

Lexington, Kentucky – (For Immediate Release) Capture Kentucky, LLC, an entertainment company based in Paris, KY has announced a partnership with Proud Mary BBQ in Lexington, KY. The partnership sets out to create a new music festival, called The Cinder & Smoke Fest, that shines a light on the multi-faceted, burgeoning musical community in Kentucky.” As Capture Kentucky Owner and Founder Jonathan Newsome states, “With the ascension and almost meteoric rise of artists like Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson, I decided to take a much closer look at the talent within our Commonwealth. After acquiring many skills in my previous 18 years in music, what I found not only astonished me but inspired me to take matters into my own hands and create opportunities to help build and foster a musical community. Kentucky really has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to talent, and this is one step towards showing that to the world.

The inaugural event will take place on July 21st, 2018 at the site of Proud Mary, BBQ. Located at 9079 Old Richmond Rd, Lexington, KY 40515 Proud Mary is nestled right beside the Kentucky River underneath the Clays Ferry Bridge. The restaurant holds several events each year and is home to some of the best food around. Proud Mary is known for their BBQ, as well as their seafood and provides a great open-air feel similar to that of say a village watering hole on the beach. The Cinder & Smoke Fest will take place in the “backyard” at Proud Mary BBQ where the Clays Ferry Bridge provides an imposing backdrop for the stage.

The Cinder & Smoke Fest will be held from 1pm-11pm and will feature eight of Kentucky’s most talented bands or artists. The idea is simple, keep everything local and shine a light on the talents and Kentucky’s best resources, her people.

When asked about the name “The Cinder & Smoke Fest“, Jonathan Newsome added, “I was looking for the right venue to approach for the idea of showcasing Kentucky talent. At that time, a fan of one of Kentucky’s newest favorite sons, Tyler Childers, posted a video of one of his new songs titled, “House On Fire.” In it, there is a line that says “You can set my house on fire baby, you can turn it into cinder and smoke.” That lyric stuck with me and as Proud Mary BBQ owner Emilee Sierp began discussing what would become this festival, I began to simplify what we needed to convey the message of what the festival would be. At its core, it’s “hot bands” and “great BBQ”, so the Cinder became the idea behind the “hot bands” while the Smoke obviously is a reference to the BBQ. I, myself, am a fan of Mr. Tyler Childers, so it just seemed like a natural fit and a fitting tribute to yet another fantastic artist.”

The inaugural Cinder & Smoke Fest will feature a variety of bands and artists. With so many “themed” festivals, the partners felt that a broader range of music made the most sense. You’ll be treated to rock ‘n’ roll, funk, southern rock, indie rock, outlaw country and even some mainstream country, all of which call Kentucky home.

Make your plans now to enjoy some great food, fine folks and even better music at Proud Mary BBQ with Capture Kentucky on July 21st, 2018!

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